A Tamar Story

We believe every person we meet is unique and precious, and that listening to, supporting and journeying alongside a girl can have an incredible impact on her future.

Sandra's* Story

Our outreach team fortnightly visit a number of regular flats in Westminster. In one of these flats we met Sandra* who made us aware that she was very unhappy working in the flat and wanted to change her situation.

We offered to meet her for a coffee outside of the flat so that she could chat freely to us away from the other girls. When we met with her she spoke of how her situation had spiralled out of control and she had ended up in a position where she felt trapped. She was being forced to carry out a high demand of services that she didn’t want to provide.

After learning more about Sandra’s* specific situation and background, Tamar helped her gain access to a network of local services by registering her as homeless. Our volunteers then helped Sandra* apply for an NI number so that she had the option to find alternative work. This gave her new hope for a future. Sandra* eventually ended up moving back to her own country and working for a friend’s business.

An encouraging moment was hearing Sandra* ask our team, “What would I have done if I hadn’t met you?!”

*Name has been changed

Valuing every Individual

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